10 Tips to Ruin Yourself When Setting up a Restaurant

1-The first piece of advice to start ruining yourself quickly is to look for one of those cheap premises that have already been transferred very often, also not to look at the state of the licence, and if modifications to the premises are required (with the change of ownership) as the premises “look very nice” and you don’t need anything.

2-If you don’t feel like spending 12 or 13 hours (minimum) behind the bar as it’s very tiring, the best thing to do is to put a couple of cheerful and very receptive girls (per shift), plus a cook, an assistant (per shift), and since you don’t want to be the one to clean other people’s dirt, also a person to clean and a dishwasher.

3-You must invite to the opening all friends, close and distant family and even those who pass will be welcome “to see” the great bar or restaurant and will not miss anything, snacks, drinks, in short, to see the power of the business.

4-You have to make a menu as wide as possible, you need to have everything from hamburgers to steaks, all kinds of fish and seafood, that the one who enters the restaurant does not miss anything and can ask for everything.

5-So that the waiters don’t feel bad, “don’t mistrust them”, it’s already known that everyone is honest (especially the waiters’ guild) and total for some cubata that they invite their friends to (or for some small payment that doesn’t get to the cashier) nothing happens either. And especially do not put a POS to control sales and purchases with a four department cash register is worth.

6-Don’t control the purchases in the kitchen, the cook is very good and will order what you need to feed the customers well and that food is never missing from the fridges (even if it gets spoiled, thrown away and that’s it), remember that putting lobster and steaks on the $8 menu is a good promotion for the business.

7-Buy all the drinks from the same supplier, choose the nicest one, after all they all carry the same prices and above all have the waiters make the shopping list and take care of receiving the goods and signing the delivery notes.

8-Let your employees regulate the air conditioning or heating without any restrictions, in summer to freeze and in winter to fry, the electric bill will thank you and your employees and customers too.

9-Be in business as little as possible, (so as not to put pressure on the employees) and always take your friends with you to have a few free drinks, since you are there to invite everyone in the bar for a round (after all, it’s good to promote the business and keep the customers happy).

10-And finally, or perhaps it should have been the first piece of advice.

If you are not a professional in the sector and you met a waiter or a chef somewhere in a disco or bar at dawn, do not hesitate, he is the ideal partner! Make a partnership, you put the money and he puts the work, let him run the business and do not worry about anything that in a short time will achieve its main objective:

Getting ruined by setting up a restaurant.