Equipment For A Burger Shop Explained With Floor Plan

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Having adequate machinery in your burger shop or your establishment to have commercial success, this will influence the preparation times of the hamburger and the quality of the product offered, these are two essential aspects in every fast food establishment.

When you start your burger shop and choose the machinery, maybe you want to start small to progress, you must take into account from the beginning the possible growth of your business, both in physical and personal space.

This can also influence the equipment you are going to buy at the beginning, here I expose a list of equipment needed for your hamburger shop and some additional tips.

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Burger press

It is important that you distinguish yourself from the rest by making your own burger, you can buy and make different combinations of meats until you find the one that defines your business (and if you want you can buy the meat without chopping it and chop it yourself with a Meat Grinder).

Volcanic stone barbecue

This could be the star product to make your burgers, as it gives a unique and natural flavor, The texture of the meat is very different from that of a frying pan or a griddle. Softer and juicier.

There are two types of gas barbecues, volcanic stone (cheaper) and ceramic briquettes (better distribution of heat).

Otherwise, you can have a gas char-broilers, 24″ or 36″ is enough depending on the volume of demand of your burger shop.

Gas grill

It is best to choose a sheet of rolled steel (not hard chrome) as thick as possible 12-15 mm and as wide as possible as this is the main tool. If possible, it is better to use both, otherwise, the plate is sufficient.

They have more power and reach a higher temperature with less consumption than electrical ones. Gas griddles are available in sizes ranging from 24″ to 72″, the most common being 24″ and 36″.


A good burger is always accompanied by some fries. To make them you need at least a double fryer; better gas than electric (because of the consumption) although gas ones cost twice as much.

Meat Slicer

For sausage portions, it is better to choose a powerful one to be able to cut hard slices and a minimum disc size of 250 mm (If you intend to cut a lot of ham it would be better to acquire a geared slicer).

Stainless Steel Prep Table

You will need a support surface in your burger shop, the preparation tables are indispensable, as a support surface and also as a working surface, for more space efficiency you can get a table with galvanized under-shelf.

Refrigerated preparation table

The speed in the preparation of burgers is a fundamental aspect, a refrigerated work table allows you the versatility of having refrigerated elements in your hot preparation area, such as vegetables, ready to be used immediately.


Some popular burger kitchens use bain-marie trays to keep food, dressings and sauces warm and soft.

Bain-marie is essential for making preserves since in this way the heat manages to eliminate the microorganisms contained in the food in addition to keeping the preparation elements at an ideal temperature for the time of service.

Commercial Fridge

Initially, you will need a refrigerator to store the meat, it all depends on the volume of your kitchen, but to start with something moderate, a 30″ refrigerator might be enough.

Commercial Dishwasher or sinks

Depending on your budget and possibilities you have two cleaning options in your burger shop, the commercial dishwasher is fairly versatile equipment that will give you more speed and automation.

You could also do the sanitation of your dishes and utensils in a triple sink manually, you can choose the one that suits your preferences.

Commercial kitchen hood

If you are going to have a hotline in your burger shop, it is indispensable to have an extractor, the equipment like the fryers, grills, and grills give off fumes, grease, heat, and other elements that you will need to remove from your preparation area.

The dimension of the exhaust will depend on the length of your hotline, as far as the depth a 42″ kitchen hood could be enough.