How to Use a Rice Cooker Simply and Effectively


Rice is a nutritious food that is included in most all diets worldwide. It can be prepared in different ways, combining it with many other foods. From white rice to hot rice, soups, paellas, sushi…Choose the recipe you like best and learn to cook rice faster with this article. I will explain in this article how to use a rice cooker simply and effectively as possible, this pot is characteristic for cooking the rice by steam. Place water and rice inside and wait for the final beep that will let you know that your rice is ready.


Is it worth buying a rice cooker?

Buying a rice cooker could be a good investment because of the advantages and comfort that it offers in the kitchen, the main advantage of preparing rice in a rice cooker is comfort. Only the ingredients have to be introduced into the electrical appliance.

It also means a great time saver. you do not have to be aware of the cooking of rice and devote to other elaborations

However, the main benefits of the rice cooker are the following:

In rice cookers, rice is cooked equally regardless of whether the beans are located at the base of the tray or on the surface of the tray.

Electric rice cookers can keep the rice warm for up to 24 hours, which helps avoid the danger of food poisoning caused by rice due to the bacteria known as Bacillus cereus.

How much water do you put in a rice cooker?

If you cook a cup of rice, it is recommended to pour 1/2 to two cups of water so that the rice is not very dry. If you add two cups of rice, use two to three of water. Remember that for a portion of rice, you must add twice as much water, as it evaporates with the heat that is generated.

How does a rice cooker Measure rice?

Rice cookers bring their measuring scoop, the standard of the rice industry is 180 ml or 6 ounces, the 240 ml or 8-ounce rice measuring ladle is also used regularly.

How To use an electric rice cooker step by step

Currently, there are various types of rice cookers in the market. If you still don’t have yours, choose the one that best suits you. I recommend electric rice cookers or steamers, as their capacity, speed and effectiveness are much greater. Get yours and find another way to cook rice.

Using a measuring cup, put half a cup of rice into the rice cooker per diner. Think that the rice grows and although it seems small, it will be enough to get good rice dishes for each person. If you’re not sure, you can add half a cup more.

As for the volume of water that you should place inside the rice cooker, I suggest that it be a cup and a half of water for each serving of rice you have added. You can pour the water over the rice.

Once you have both necessary ingredients inside the rice cooker, place the lid on it and plug it into the stream. Remember that I talk about an electric rice cooker that will work faster and effectively.

Then, press the “cook” button that you will find in the rice cooker, and let the rice cook alone.

The rice cooker is very useful because it will cook the rice based on the amounts of rice and water that you have added to it. When the rice has finished cooking, the appliance will emit a beep that will make you aware of it. In addition, electric rice cookers keep the rice hot for about 24 hours automatically.

White rice cooking board

raw white ricemeasurement of liquidsapproximate cooking time (minutes)approximate yield of cooked rice (6 oz cups) 
2 tablespoons of rice19 ounces (560 ml)18 to 20 4 cups
4 tablespoons of rice32 ounces (560 ml)21 to 268 cups
6 tablespoons of rice45 ounces (560 ml)24 to 2912 cups
8 tablespoons of rice57 ounces (560 ml)27 to 3416cups

Brown rice cooking board

raw brown ricemeasurement of liquidsapproximate cooking time (minutes)approximate yield of cooked rice (6 oz cups) 
2 tablespoons of rice19 ounces (560 ml)33 to 414 cups
4 tablespoons of rice33 ounces (560 ml)41 to 478 cups
6 tablespoons of rice49 ounces (560 ml)45 to 5312 cups
8 tablespoons of rice64 ounces (560 ml)50 to 5816cups

Cleaning the bottom of a rice cooker

Use hot water and mild soap to clean the container, lid, and steamer. Avoid using sponges or abrasive cloths. Leave the bowl with water for a while, if you need to remove the jammed food. Never use a dishwasher to clean the rice cooker.

How can I speed up cooking rice?

When making rice, it is better to soak the rice in clear water for about 15 minutes, then leave the pot, which will considerably shorten the cooking time, and the cooked rice is particularly fragrant.

Security measures using the rice cooker

Plug the pot cord into a wall outlet that is in good technical condition, and disconnect it when not in use.

Do not place the rice cooker near the sinks to avoid splashes that cause electric shock and internal oxidation.

Do not use the pot cabinet to heat other containers inside.

Do not allow the presence of foreign matter in the heating plate.

The inner aluminum pot must not be hit at the edges or bottom, to avoid deformations that cause malfunction. Nor should it be used to wash rice, to store food, or to heat or cook outside the pot cabinet.

Handling inside the inner pot should only be done with the spoon supplied by the manufacturer or with a wooden one.

Do not continue using the electric rice cooker if there is a problem with its operation. Take it to an authorized service workshop for diagnosis, repair and / or adjustment.

Rice cooker useful tips

As in other rice cookers, cooked rice that comes into contact with the bottom of the pot becomes brown Of course, crispy appearance. This is normal. This brown bark can be reduced with white rice if rinsed before cooking.

Rice can be flavored with a combination of water and broth or with broth alone. If broth is replaced by water, use the same amount of broth that you would use water.

Some types of rice become wetter and softer than others when cooked. Besides, rice firmness is a matter of personal preference. The amount of water can be regulated to achieve the desired texture. Try to add water (to get softer rice) or reduce the amount of water (to get harder rice) from 2 tablespoons for each ladle of cooked rice until the rice reaches the desired humidity level. Never exceed the level of maximum fill.

Brown rice needs more water and takes longer to cook than white rice. For your convenience, the rice cooker has watermarks for cooking white rice and brown rice. Be sure to use the correct marks for the type of rice that is cooking.

For delicious casseroles or rice pilafs, sauté your favorite chopped vegetables spiced to taste in a small amount of vegetable oil in the pan until the vegetables are translucent and tender. 

To avoid the loss of steam and heat, do not open the rice cooker during cooking, except when you need to add food to steam

Practical advice for the conservation of the rice cooker

Do not cook with the uncovered pot.

Do not disconnect the electrical cable from the connection block if it is not necessary.

Keep the pot connected to the outlet, only when cooking or heating.

Do not use the heating or resistance plate as a kitchen.

Use only a plastic or wooden spoon to stir the rice.

Keep the bottom of the container and the heater or heating plate clean and dry.

Leave the steam exhaust hole in the lid free to ensure good rice cooking.

When placing the container inside the pot, turn it in the directions to ensure that it is well seated and check that it is dry.