Small Container Kitchen Layout Plan 211602

container kitchen layout with dimensions
Small Container Kitchen Layout

container kitchen layout with dimensions

• In very small spaces it is valid to use separators for very sensitive areas such as the fryer, to keep other areas protected, these separators could be made of stainless steel, at a height of approximately 1.20 meters.

• The Table could also function as a stainless steel shelf, it can be long enough to hold two people, in such a small space it will serve as a support for the cook.

 • The table can also be fitted with a storage compartment underneath.

• The cooler at the bottom can be dual temperature, one side for cooling food and one side for freezing.

• I made the mistake in this layout of not including a small sink, ideally placing a sink near the entrance or exit could be reducing the table a bit.

Equipment for small container kitchen

  • refrigerated prep. table
  • refrigerator
  • stand table
  • 24″ hot plate
  • 24″ gas griddles
  • 24″ broiler