Volcanic Stone Barbecues, Useful Guide

The Volcanic stone barbecue, is a gas equipment ideal for grilling meats.

In a restaurant or for personal use where you want to serve grilled meat, the best choice is a gas barbecue with ceramic briquettes made of stainless steel, the advantages of this type of barbecue of volcanic stone are: easy cleaning, no maintenance, without the inconvenience of coal, neither is it required a separate extraction or special fireplace as traditional charcoal barbecues.

Volcanic stone barbecues allow the cooking of meat without adding oil, and can be cooked with its own juice, as addition to maintaining a constant temperature in the product.

The volcanic stone barbecue can reach high temperatures in a very brief time due to the burners located at its base, it is ideal for small spaces since it does not pollute, in addition it is not necessary to use gloves when using it, the volcanic stone barbecue is usually made of stainless steel, so it is very easy to clean, compact and lightweight.



How does a volcanic stone barbecue work?

The operation is simple, the gas burners heat the volcanic stone that is usually on a grate, this stone keeps the heat and in turn releases heat into the upper grill roasting it slowly, evenly and in its own juice.

Does the meat taste the same? Absolutely not, the charcoal barbecue when roasting always provides components of the charcoal and scents sometimes not the most suitable, depending on the type and quality of the charcoal), some of these components are considered toxic, it is important to know the origin of the charcoal t can be mixed and provide sulfur and other components whose flavors are not the most recommended.

The volcanic stone barbecue is completely transformed if we season the meat with spices, rosemary, thyme, oregano, peppers these are manifested in the volcanic barbecue in a much deeper way.

Why choose volcanic stone barbecue?

There are several reasons to use the volcanic stone barbecue, which many have preferred its use, below I explain some reasons why to use this type of product compared to the traditional ones such as coal and electric:

It’s more practical. This type of product is much simpler to use, they are usually easy to install, and no prior knowledge is required to use them.

Due to its main compound of volcanic stone is more functional, in this case has a great power in terms of heat, cooking everything faster and more uniform. It can also be used many times.

Light and compact. It can be used in any space, as they are very light and easy to move. This is a good option for travel and camping. After that it is easy to store as it cools down very quickly and its dimensions are adequate.

Compared to other barbecues it is very durable, as it is created by stainless steel, making it stronger.

Due to its preparation these are healthier to use in the kitchen, on the one hand it is not necessary to use a lot of oil and the food is cooked with its own fat. On the other hand it is very easy to clean being non-stick and avoids possible bacteria.

It cooks evenly, you can cook all kinds of food from meat to vegetables, the taste will always be the same and it will cook evenly. All this thanks to the heat conductor made by the volcanic stone.

Maintenance of volcanic stone barbecues

Volcanic stone barbecues are almost completely maintenance free. Essentially, the stone is changed every two years. On the commercial market can be bought bags of two and five kilos of stone, there are two sizes thick and thin, will depend on the brand of your gas barbecue the size of stone to use. Barbecues using ceramic briquettes do not need to be changed, just turned over so that the gas flame produces a grease pyrolysis and is self-cleaning.

Do Volcanic stone help gas grills?

Due to the physiological characteristics of volcanic stones, which contain a porous structure with small holes, the heat is transmitted much more fluidly through them, this allows it to be a very effective source of heat transmission and help the grills to reach a high temperature relatively much more easily and quickly, making the entire cooking process much more efficient.

Although technically volcanic stone may absorb and help distribute the heat produced by coal or hardwood fires, it works better inside gas grills. Unlike charcoal grills, where coals retain their temperature for long, sustained periods, gas grills require a heat source, gas. Lava Roca is an ideal companion to gas grills because it absorbs and redistributes heat over longer periods of time when grilling.

how to use the volcanic stone properly?

Volcanic stone works best inside gas grills when it is separated into a single layer on a special rock grate resting on the gas jets. If the layer is too thick the rocks do not distribute the heat efficiently. Do not use the Lava Rock stones inside any gas grill not specifically designed for rocks and replace the rocks every three or four uses to mitigate the build-up of grease, smoke and fire when grilling. Using lava rocks inside non-rock designed grills actually reduces the efficiency of some gas burners. Turn the charcoal after each grill to allow drainage or burn off the grease.

Volcanic stone deficiencies

Porosity is the characteristic that helps volcanic coals to absorb and distribute heat, it also causes problems inside the grill when it is not properly distributed. When fat falls from meat on a grill, it seeps into the rock which absorbs it like a sponge – often causing fat build-up. At their worst, these rocks can catch fire, burning like candles or causing huge flames that burn or brown the meat beyond desired levels.

Can you use landscape lava rocks in your gas grill?

You could use your volcanic landscape rock in your gas grill, as long as it maintains the same grain size and color. There are many different types of lava rock, the color and density vary, the type for landscape and gas grills comes from a violent volcanic eruption and is lightweight. This is caused by gas trapped inside the rock.

volcanic stone barbecue

Advantages of using volcanic stone for your barbecue

Volcanic stone heats up very quickly. Unlike coal and wood, which require a lot of time to burn, lava is much faster. If with a charcoal barbecue we would have to wait a minimum of 45 minutes to start cooking, with a volcanic stone one would only take about 15 minutes, and even less.

The shape and size of the stones allow for even cooking and make the most of every corner of the barbecue. Moreover, cooking without flame prevents the products placed on the fire from singeing.

Cleanliness is another advantage of this type of barbecue. The volcanic stone absorbs grease, does not stain hands like coal and does not leave ash.

Another remarkable virtue of volcanic stone is that it is hardly consumed when heated, so it is completely reusable. That is, with a volcanic stone box we can enjoy barbecues for at least a year. It is enough to collect the stones and save them for a new occasion. If we decide to leave them inside the compartment, it is advisable to turn them every two or three uses.

The volcanic stone can be used in gas barbecues or in grills specifically designed to work with lava. The prices of the barbecues will vary a lot depending on the sizes and the materials used for their construction.